A La Carte (2.12.15)


Check out the articles from this week!

Fifty Shades of Nay: Sin is a Needle, Not a Toy: “Sin is a needle that indulges deadly addictions and murders its victims. It is not the toy it pretends to be. It pierces quietly and deeply to the most vulnerable and longest-lasting parts of us. In whatever package — however beautiful, captivating, and culturally accepted — it is not safe. In the end, the guilty pleasure is no pleasure at all. Only God can please what our eyes and hearts truly crave.”

Our Children’s First Glimpse of the Value of Work: “We are their first living example of what it means to work for the glory of God, which means that even the endless amounts of laundry are telling a story to our children about the value of work.”

Will You Go Out with Me? (Part Two): “When someone breaks up with you, don’t ask why…Move on…(and) don’t be desperate.”

God, Protect My Girls: A call for parents to pray for God to protect our children from themselves, from us, from others, from Satan, and from God Himself.

How to Debate Vaccines and Still Come Out a Christian: “I’ve watched the vaccine debate play out on blogs, Facebook feeds, and in the corners of church nurseries. And I’ve learned a few things—mostly, that we don’t debate well and that we tend to have an unhealthy relationship with the certainty of our own choices.”

Parent’s Guide to Minecraft: For those wondering what Minecraft is about

When the Obsession with Self-Esteem Creates Unlikeable (and Spiritually Deficient) Kids: “Let other people brag on you when it’s merited, but, don’t ever be the one who is bringing up your own good qualities or accomplishments.”


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