A La Carte (3.12.15)


Some really great articles this week! Check them out!

Lord, Make Me a Generous Father: “It’s my responsibility as a dad to teach my kids, both implicitly and explicitly, what their true heavenly Father is like, and it is a mighty responsibility.”

Let Boys Be Non-Medicated Boys: “I think we should let boys be boys, and non-medicated ones at that. Therefore, parents, if at all possible, don’t medicate your boys.”

Faith That Consents to Your Children’s Earthly Loss: “As a mother, would I (do I) have faith to consent to my children’s earthly loss in light of eternal gain? I pray that I would.”

Keeping Perspective on Parenting Advice: “The challenge for all of us is to read parenting advice not as authoritative but as a potentially helpful suggestion to consider.”




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