A La Carte (3.19.15)


A new weekly post of articles!

Meghan Trainor, That Bass,” and Gospel Beauty: “Even though Trainor tells us to ‘not worry about our size’ and that ‘every inch of you is perfect,’ she rings a little hollow when it’s only the ‘boom boom’ and ‘the right junk, in the right places’ that makes the boys chase. Beauty – however she defines it – is still a prerequisite to love. But the gospel frees us from both the enslaving demands of beauty and the self-righteous condemnation towards those not like us.”

We Live in an Age of Irrational Parenting: “We’ve deferred having children for so long — college-educated woman today have their first child at 30.3 years old — and we have so many fewer children than we once did (an average of two per family, as opposed to five in 1850) that we assign them a far higher value and therefore fret far more about their physical well-being.”

What is Your Exit Plan?: “At some point you need to evaluate when and why you post those pictures, and who they are really meant to serve. At least in my case, I know that so many of them were meant to serve only me. I could portray myself as a great dad or a good Christian, and use my kids as little more than props. They were props, not people, and it revealed something ugly within me.”

Parenting Well in a Digital World: “3 things you need to put off or reject, and 3 things you need to put on or embrace.”



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