A La Carte (4.30.15)


I Pray This for My Children: This would make a great prayer list for any Christian parent

Superior Women: “Godly marriage is designed in such a way as to make it impossible for a man to out-give his wife. This is not because he gets to be the selfish one, but rather this is for the same reason an industrious farmer cannot possibly out-give his field. If a man sacrifices himself for his wife, as Christ did for the church, he will find that she is his thirty, sixty, and one-hundred fold. As his glory, she brings out his strengths.”

Go Forth and Multiply: How many children should I have?: “We are all different. And our families are different. Wise womanhood involves knowing our motivations, our identity, our limitations, our primary function as a wife, and most importantly, that our God is sovereign over the good blessing of children.”

Show Honor on Mother’s Day (Even When It’s Hard): There are many reasons someone may find Mother’s Day difficult to celebrate, but we ought to honor our mothers regardless.

When Motherhood Drains Your Happiness: “It is not motherhood that destroys your happiness but motherhood without a purpose.”

Three Cheers for Bill and Hillary Clinton: “It is sobering to think that the wisdom of two millennia (which Hillary Clinton affirmed) and the Constitutional protections of two centuries (in which Bill Clinton exulted) can be cast aside as backward and bigoted just two decades later.”


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