A La Carte (5.21.15)


Great articles and topics this week! Check them out!

10 Questions on Dating with Matt Chandler: Good questions. Helpful answers.

The Brain is More Like a Muscle Than a Shoebox (Or, Why It’s Good for Kids to Learn Latin): “Rather the student has a mind that has been stretched and exercised in such a way that subsequent learning is much easier, not much harder.”

8 Items for Christian Parents to Ponder: “Every parent would do well to ponder these 8 items.”

Pulling Together: Marriage, Ministry, and Calling: “But here’s the thing: too often, we think of a woman as the coal car that fuels the man’s mission; in reality, she is a strong, second engine tasked with the same mission that he is. His engine may be out in front, and she may even be a different make and model, but make no mistake, they are both tasked with getting the load to the top of the mountain.”

Stephen Curry and the Culture of Self-Trust: Great to hear an athlete who sees all of life, even his sport, as a means to honor Christ.

Are They Baseball Players or My Sons? A Reflection on Parenting: “When it comes to baseball, I realized that my sincere attempts to make them better players was not honoring the gospel. My response to them was based on their performance (good works), and their identity as a baseball player was more dominant in their thinking than being my sons.”


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