A La Carte (7.16.15)


This week’s articles are out!

Should Churches Stop Performing Civil Marriages?: “We gladly render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but the image imprinted on the marriage union isn’t the union of Caesar and his court, but of Christ and his Church.”

Planned Parenthood and the Atrocity of Corpse-Selling: “It is time for the reborn to stand up for the unborn.”

How We Do Family Devotions: “Through many years of success and failure Aileen and I have realized that there is no good way to measure the success of family devotions except by this: Did we do it? The thing is, we are building for the long-term here, not the short-term.”

It’s Okay for Kids to be Bored During Church: “…they will learn to appreciate the beauty of corporate worship that isn’t created exclusively with them in mind.”

‘As Long as the Baby’s Healthy’ …But What if He’s Not?: “What matters isn’t health. It isn’t a life free of fear. It isn’t a secure future and promises of ease.”

Pampers – Pooface commercial: Parents definitely know these faces!


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