A La Carte (8.6.15)


This week’s articles are out. Check back every Thursday for some great articles!

15 Wisdom Principles on Deciding When to Stop Having Children: “Deciding when to stop having children is an important decision for every family. Godly wisdom is needed to make this crucial decision. Pray and ask the Lord to give you wisdom, for He very kindly grants wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5-8).”

A Reminder that Children are Gifts, Blessings, and Arrows: “We treat children like an expensive leisure activity. We think it is only responsible to decide before conceiving a child whether or not you can afford all of the time, money, stress, and responsibility of actually having a child. The world has taught us that this is all our decision. That our fertility is something that we can and should have a mastery of–making the choices that are best for ourselves at all times. But in the background of all of this is the hilarious assumption that we have a clear understanding of what is best for us.”

What Should We Do When They Stray?: “there are five things that I always remind Christian parents with rebellious children.”

Parenting Our Children’s Prejudice:

“This is Sharkey.

He’s broken . . .”

She cut a knowing glance at me.“. . . but we love him.”

Pray for Your Children: “God has placed us in the lives of our children so that we will intercede for them. God placed Moses over the children of Israel for the specific purpose of crying out for God’s mercy upon them (Exodus 32:11–14). In the same way, we ought to plead with God to relent of his wrath against our sinful children.”



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