A La Carte (8.27.15)


Great articles to peruse this week!

9 Ways to Protect Your Children from Sexual Abuse: Good things to consider putting into practice

12 Things That Every First Time Dad Should Know: Great advice for men becoming parents

Hope for the Unhappily Single: Ultimately, we will all be single forever, and it will be gloriously good. We will all be finally married forever, joined together with our Savior and First Love. We’ll know well then that the marriages here on earth truly were small and short compared with all we have in Christ.

Do All Infants Go to Heaven?: “I affirm their salvation, though, neither because they are innocent nor because they have merited forgiveness, but solely because God has sovereignly chosen them for eternal life, regenerated their souls, and applied the saving benefits of the blood of Christ to them apart from conscious faith.”

The Whole Truth:


Stop for just this moment and breathe. Feel the air enter your nostrils, flow into your lungs, and exit again. Feel your heart beat; hear the sound of your pulse in your ears. Feel the weight of your body. This is life.”

5 Truths Dads Need to Hear: “These 5 truths are ones I think dads can bank on no matter the circumstance or age level.”

The Power of a Praying Mom: We know that as children, God hears us, but we can wonder why he doesn’t answer quickly or in the ways we’re asking – especially when we believe we’re humbling coming to him for Jesus’ glory and not our own. In the midst of this painful struggle, though, we can also be confident that everything in our lives is woven into the tapestry of God’s steadfast and good will (even if or when we don’t “see” everything in this life).


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