A La Carte (10.15.15)


Must-read articles this week!

The World Needs More One-Woman Men: “in Christ, we are called to be one-woman men in a world that expects and encourages far less.”

Your Child is Your Neighbor: A must read for all parents

Playboy to Too Boring to Succeed: So so good!

From Shepherding to Prison Rules: The Three Stages of Christian Parenting: So funny

The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done: Great testimony from Sara Royer (about teaching her boys) that any parent would benefit from reading.

A Story Our Kids Need to Hear: “One of the most specific instructions the Bible gives parents about teaching their children is also one of the most neglected.”

There is No Crown Without a Cross for Your Kids: “All of us parents know this is true: no person gains any character, humility, empathy, or integrity in the context of comfort. These attributes grow by God’s grace in the fertile ground of pain, struggle, and humiliation.”


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