A La Carte (11.5.15)


This week’s new articles are out!

Living with Food Allergies and Longing for Heaven: “The king has gone to prepare a place for us and a wedding supper will celebrate his success (Rev. 19:6-9). There will be no teal pumpkins there. We won’t have to remember the EpiPen, check the labels, or bring our own substitutes. We will feast in freedom and fear no consequences.”

Teens Spend an Average of 9 Hours a Day with Media: “Teenagers spend nearly nine hours a day absorbing media and despite all the new options, music and television remain the favorites.”

10 Convictions about Labor and Birth from a Christian Worldview: Perhaps some who are interested in the topic of labor and birth could use this list like they would a bookmark as they search God’s Word to learn more about the Author of life

Where Can We Be Safe?: “Have we adopted safety as a supreme cultural idol? Even within Christian culture, safety seems to be an acceptable idol. We cling to it in order to shield ourselves from pain, criticism, and fear of the unknown. We rely on it for strength and peace of mind. Much of our mental energy is directed toward staying safe. Safety is a good thing, to be sure, but it morphs into an idol when we pursue it above the commands of Christ and the leading of the Spirit.”

Biblical Submission for All: Watch this video to hear how a robust understanding of complementarianism creates safeguards for women and beautifully demonstrates what true biblical submission looks like for all believers.



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