A La Carte (12.17.15)


This week’s articles are up!

Star Wars: Childhood Revisited: “As a society, we are asking too much of our entertainment because we ask too little of our cultural narrative for adult life. It’s normal to mourn the loss of our childhood, but it’s devastating when we can find nothing compelling to replace it—nothing to anticipate with wonder or fight for in everyday life.”

The Mother of All Swear Words: “In short, you must become the mother (or father) of all swear words, the parent of every taboo lunchroom subject, and you must do so early. It is both your right and your duty to be your child’s first word on all things scandalous. How will you start the conversation.”

Sometimes “Quiet” Time Isn’t Quiet: This is so good…”Whether circus or solitude, Christ is sufficient.”


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