A La Carte (1.21.16)


Your Thursday articles from around the web!

Grace for the Micromanaging Parent: “The tendency to worry and micromanage teachers, grandparents, babysitters, and so on demonstrates the utter arrogance most parents possess regarding their ability as a mother or father. We really think if we can just control all variables in our children’s lives, they’ll remain safe, happy, and successful. This thinking patently expresses that we can be God for our children.”

Before the Birds and the Bees: “If you neglect to train your children in their use of the Internet, you are failing in your parental responsibility.”

10 Scripture Passages to Pray for Your Children: “10 passages of Scripture followed by brief prayers for your family”

A Fragile Life Worth All Our Love: “Our lives are a living billboard declaring God’s truth that every human life has value, worth, and purpose.”


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