A La Carte (2.18.16)


Great articles from around the web!

To Your Daughter, Speak the Truth: “Tell your daughter she is beautiful. Tell her, not because she needs to know she’s beautiful, but because she needs to know she is beautiful to you.”

An Unexpected Blessing of Parenting: “What I am learning is this: Ultimately, the great joy of parenting is to come to love and enjoy your children not only for what they are (your children) but for who they are (your friends).”

Reading the Challenging PG-13 Bible Passages to Children: “…Asking children how the passage is related to the story of Redemption allows their focus to hone in on the purpose/message of the story and not the thematically tricky aspects. And, more importantly, it keeps their eyes on Jesus. It leads them to the cross…”

Sex Education Should Start in the Christian Home: “…It’s our job to place sex in the proper context, to provide our kids with a God-centered view of themselves and what sex was created to be. If we don’t teach our kids about sex, plenty of other people with a completely different set of values and an opposite worldview will gladly step up to do the job…”



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