A La Carte (4.7.16)


This week’s articles are out!

How to Stay Holy When Under Pressure: “…In order to overcome the pressure to compromise our holiness, we need to have an adequate preparation to pursue holiness. We need to be bathed in the teaching of God’s Word through our parents and the church. We also need a life of abiding in the vine, Jesus Christ, for apart from him we can do nothing and will compromise…”

Was I Good Today?: “…The quest to be a grace-aware teacher never ends. I always have students, either misbehaving or the goody-goody type, whose focus on their performance shoves Jesus aside. I do the same when I get wrapped up in my performance as the teacher…”

The Great Parental Freak Out: “The world doesn’t depend on you being perfect. And neither do your kids. So do what you can, be grateful for what you have, and pray like crazy.”

5 Truths for Our Daughters: “All of them have been distorted by the world and must be recast for them—both as they see these truths lived out in the godly women around them and as they see them wisely drawn from the Scriptures.”



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