A La Carte (7.7.16)


Encouraging and helpful articles for you this week!

A Letter to My Sons about Pornography: A mom shares solid biblical counsel with her sons

Parenting a Difficult Child: “…Is my parenting loving? Is it consistent? Is it wise? That will be challenging enough. You will fail, be convicted, and need forgiveness on those fronts alone. The rest must be left to the work of the Spirit in a child’s life. You will find much freedom from judgement, less care for the opinions of others, more hope and less despair when you commit your parenting to the Lord. Let him do the rest…”

Gather with All Ages: “…Meeting with Christians of all ages is not a cure-all, and there is undeniable value in relationships with people of similar age and experience. But we must not despise the wisdom, experience, and friendship of all the people God places around us…”

Parents, Spare Not the Rod of Comfort: “…We are powerless to change hearts, but our confidence rests in God’s faithfulness. His love for our children far exceeds our own. He charges us to discipline, so we trust in his command and obey in faith…”

Ask Your Child to Forgive You: “…The most meaningful conversations with our kids are the ones in which we can confess our own weakness without then turning and putting it back on them. “But when you . . .” Let the apology stand. Give it your best effort — and this can be very hard — to not follow your admission immediately with a “but” that puts the blame back on the child for your sin…”


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