A La Carte (7.21.16)


Your Thursday reading is here, from around the web!

Parents, Don’t Waste Your Lazy Summer Days: “…What better time than the unhurried days of summer to be intentional with teaching our children the ways of the Lord?…”

4 Revelations About Porn from Your Wife’s Perspective: Husbands, I hope you are filled with a desire to confess and turn away from pornography.  Jesus “breaks the power of canceled sin” and his blood “can make the foulest clean. Wives…Although devastating, this is not the end. Come alongside your husband, and help him in throwing off this sin that so easily entangles.”

Why We Don’t Punish Our Kids: “The next time an offense is committed in your home, remember how your Father treats you when you sin.”

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Prayer: “The truth is that every busy mom (or dad) really does have time to pray, even if her prayers are broken up into one hundred sincere requests and items of praise and worship throughout an entire day.”

The Myth of Maternal Bliss: “Weary mommas, take heart, for the path you take is not unlike the one trodden by your Master. The daily deaths and the unnoticed investments are seen, known, and celebrated by the Father. Every piece of grain that falls to the ground will bear fruit.”

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