A La Carte (8.11.16)


Your Thursday reading is here, from around the web!

Brother, You’re Like a Six: “It’s not that attraction makes no difference, but it shouldn’t make the difference. So what should make the difference? The Bible talks about the characteristics of godly men and women. These are the things that the Lord himself considers “attractive.””

How Do I Know if My Child Has Become a Christian?: A few helpful questions to ask

God is Sovereign; We are Responsible: Thoughts on Keeping Kids Safe: “…Parents, how have you worked to reconcile your responsibility to care for your children with trusting in God as He rules and reigns over all things? Where might you need to remove distractions in order to focus on the physical and spiritual needs of those in your care? And in what areas do you need to relinquish control and place your children firmly in the Father’s care?…”

Parents and Children, Be Motivated by the Gospel: “Each day, we as parents are a witness to our children in words and actions of the abundance we have in Christ and the truth he is.”

When You’re Not a Typical Woman: “…we learn that far from being typical, we must be faithful women in the life and circumstances God has given us.”



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