A La Carte (9.29.16)


Why Every Parent Should Embrace Their Inability: “…Because changing your children is a burden that we could never bear, God bore that burden for us by sending his Son to be the author of lasting personal change. The burden that caused his death liberates us parents and gives new life to our children. Now that’s good news! So our job is simple; it’s not to create change, but to be humble and willing instruments of change in the hands of the one and only author of change…”

Four Ways to Discuss the 2016 Election with Your Kids: “…Your children should see that while you respect the office of president, it isn’t ultimate. They should see that your greatest hope for one of them isn’t that he or she would be president of the United States. It’s that he or she would be a ruler of the universe as a joint-heir of Christ Jesus, sharing in his inheritance, reconciled by the blood of his cross…”

Starting a Family Devotion Time: Some good and practical steps to kickstart an investment in God’s Word as a family.

Parents, Follow This North Star: “Christian parenting is disciple-making, and obeying Christ’s commission should orient all we do as parents. We educate our children not ultimately to ensure they find a high-paying job, but to form them as followers of Jesus. We discipline them not so they’ll make us happy, but so they’ll serve Christ as adults. We prepare them for judgment day as well as for graduation day.”


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