A La Carte (10.20.16)


Your weekly articles from around the web are up!

Dear Engaged Couple: “Christ went through the worst suffering and heartache that a man could possibly endure for his glorious bride, laying his life down for her. And so we must remember that at the most fundamental level, marriage is not about the fairy tale, but the love of Christ for us.”

Parents, forsake “cool” for the sake of the gospel: A million times, yes!

“…The gospel, through God’s Spirit, will teach my children what it means to receive grace and be forgiven. It will be the only lasting motivation for God-ward living…”

Meet the Perfect Parent and Perfect Child: “…What does this mean for parents like us? It means we find companionship with our Father in heaven. He knows the great joy of having a child who is everything he always wanted—one who obeys perfectly, loves sacrificially, and reflects him gloriously. But God also knows the great sorrow of having children who refuse to obey, fail to love, and fall short of his glory. He doesn’t point fingers at parents or kids who struggle. He draws near. He is a safe refuge when parenting becomes and remains difficult. He understands…”

10 Tips for Leading Kids to Christ: “…Have an ear for confession, repentance, faith, and submission to Jesus as Lord. Ask yourself, has Jesus changed their life?…”


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