A La Carte (11.3.16)


A couple of great articles for your Thursday reading!

3 Reasons Why This Unathletic Mom Loves Sports: “…It’s true, they do grow up fast. So spend all the time with them you can. Give them a sense of tradition, of rootedness. Teach them what it means to be a good teammate. Look for opportunities that reveal their character, and train them toward godliness. And, if sports can help you do so, like it has us, then by all means, this unathletic mom says, “Let’s play ball!”…”

The Radical Book for Kids (by Champ Thornton): Parents with children ages 8 through the teens, I’d HIGHLY recommend this stellar material. I’m currently reading through it and it is money! It’s a resource for your children to read, not for you to read to your children. Chew on some of Champ Thornton’s words …

“At its heart, Christianity is not good advice; it’s good news. Here’s the difference – Advice tells you something that would be good to do. It has not happened yet. News tells you something that has already happened. There is nothing you can do about it.”



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