A La Carte (12.1.16)


From around the web, great thoughts for your journey ahead!

Parents, You Can’t Build Heaven Here: “…We’re to be a pilgrim people, journeying toward future perfection, but never there yet this side of heaven…”

Worship Interrupted: “…So, let the distractions come — God has sovereignly ordained them, and they are invitations to depend on him for whatever is needed for this moment and the unexpected one five minutes away…”

Walking With Our Children Through Suffering: This is terrific!

“…Now, when one of my children comes to me with questions, I try to quickly reflect on all that God has done through the pain he has allowed and respond with, “I don’t know why God has allowed all of this, but I do know that it’s not being wasted and that he is allowing it to make us love him more, love the world less and become more like him in the process…”

A Father’s Fight for Joy: “… Fight the superficial, goal-driven false gladness that amounts to little more than self-worship…”

8 Ways to Persevere in the Parenting Marathon: “…The King who sits on the throne is also inside you, providing strength and wisdom. Walk if you must. But keep going!..”

Four Daily Prayer for Your Children: These prayers are terrific.

“…Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see evidences of the grace of God in my children’s lives. Have you begun to hear your kids express a desire for a new heart? Have you heard elements of the gospel in their speech? Have you been surprised by moments of conviction and clarity even in your young children? Plead with the Lord for more….”


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