A La Carte (12.8.16)


This week’s articles are out!

Nine Months in Mary’s Womb: Mothers, be encouraged — this is awesome.

“…The Creator let himself be knit together as a child in his mother’s womb. And for pregnant women, our children are being knit together by the very same Creator. As we embark on this journey of motherhood, we can know that our God not only ordained the journey; he also took part in it…”

Dad, Why Must I Obey?: “…I don’t want to merely change their external behavior; I want to help them understand the “why” of Christian obedience.”

Teaching Your Kids About Race and Reconciliation: “Adults have a wonderful opportunity and responsibility to shape the minds of children…so that they learn the glorious truths found in the scriptures regarding God’s cosmic plan of salvation and the beautiful reality of the diversity that will make up the new heavens and earth.”

Six Ways to Love a Wayward Child: The parable of the prodigal son…now has new meaning for me. I don’t focus so much on the son, as I have in past readings. I focus now on the father. Watching him. Studying him. Learning from him.”


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