A La Carte (1.19.17)


Here’s some great articles from around the web!

Divine Words for Desperate Parents: “…We need the commands and expectations of Scripture to keep us from complacency, and the grace and mercy of Scripture to save us from guilt. We need Scripture to puncture the pride that rises up in us when our child is doing well and we’re tempted to take the credit. And we need Scripture to save us from the despair that threatens to sink us when our child is floundering and we’re tempted to take all the blame.

While we have influence and responsibility, we don’t have control over our child. We can teach our child the Scriptures, but we can’t be the Holy Spirit in our child’s life. We can confront sinful patterns that need to change, but we can’t generate spiritual life that leads to lasting change. Only the Spirit can do that…”

At Home and at War: God is calling us to be a helper like he is a helper. If God himself is a helper, then we know what he has called us to is something founded in power and strength. A helper who follows God’s pattern of helping pursues her husband, fights spiritual battles in her home, and loves with a strange, but real, formula of boldness and meekness.

For Such a Time as This: Talking Truth with our Teens: “So what does this mean for our children growing up in this culture? How can we help them see that truth is not whatever they want it to be? That truth is a person, and the Word of God made flesh? How will they know the Father, full of grace and truth, if not by the power of His word?”

Help! My Teen Is Abandoning Christ: “…pray for is the seemingly impossible balance between brokenhearted concern for your daughter and indomitable joy in the face of this suffering…”


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