A La Carte (3.9.17)


This week’s articles are up! Take a look…

Why Does God Ask So Much of Moms?: “Whatever your duties, extraordinary or mundane, they require more strength than you have. And that is for your good. Why? Because when you know you don’t have enough strength, you will call on the Lord for his. He hears our prayers, and loves to give us his strength. And those are the times when we feel ourselves loving the Lord with all our strength.”

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Parent: “If we fail to discipline our children to obey us, we fail to discipline them to submit to God.”

“Beauty and the Beast” to feature an “exclusively gay moment”: Beautiful productions with compelling stories and sympathetic characters are powerful devices for shaping worldview and imagination. If those devices are turned against the true story of the world—the one featuring a Creator who made us, loves us, and provides a way to redeem us—then they are subversive to what is best for us.

How to Raise Changing Children in a Changing Culture: Tripp offers biblical principles that stand the test of time

The Blessings of Growing Up in a Christian Home: They are, perhaps, too many to list, and only eternity will fully enumerate them. But these few resonate in my heart today.



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