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The Blog Will Be Moving…

Starting next Monday, April 10th, the content normally found here will start being found at the CCC’s main blog–along with some additional posts each week that aren’t family-related.

You can find it by going to:

The content that has been on this blog previously will remain here indefinitely. But any new posts will be found at the new page. Please be sure to update your RSS Reader if you use one, so that you don’t miss out on the same great content.


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Weekly Tools for Parents (6.20.16)


Each week, on Monday morning, we’ll be posting: a) a PDF of our weekly children’s bulletin from the preceding Sunday and b) a recap of the previous Sunday’s lesson for our children’s classes.

Our hope is that parents can use these to follow-up on the sermon that the family heard the day before and review with their children the Sunday School lesson also taught the previous day.

Here are this week’s tools:

A. Children’s Bulletin from June 19th 

B. Review of Children’s Classes from June 19th

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VBS Songs

For all those with children who attended VBS last week, we wanted to share some of the videos of songs we learned so that they could continue to get them stuck in your (we mean, their) heads in the days ahead.

Here’s a YouTube playlist to get you started…If your kids are hungry for more, just search around on there, and we bet you can find some more from “Journey Off the Map.”

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Inheritance of Tears by Jessalynn Hutto

I recently read the new book Inheritance of Tears by Jessalynn Hutto. The book’s subtitle, “Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb,” makes it clear that this is a book about the incredibly sensitive and difficult experience of miscarriage.

TEARS-COLOR-460-72In the future, I hope to offer a class at CCC about this very issue, and after reading this book, I’m leaning toward having it be the book that we would use as recommended reading for the class. Speaking from experience, the author walks readers through a biblical understanding of miscarriage–covering ground that ranges from the fallenness of our world and why we experience death at all to the hope that we have in a resurrected Savior and a trustworthy God. She is sensitive and compassionate toward those who have experienced the loss of a child, while also providing helpful counsel to those who have not as they seek to care for their friends and fellow church members who have.

Miscarriage is far more common that most people think and far more painful that most people realize, unless they’ve experienced it themselves. So having conversation about it is important–conversation that is grounded in the gospel, giving us freedom to express our hurt, but confidence in Christ that gives us hope. As the author writes toward the end of the book, “the key is not to escape the grief that miscarriage brings, but to drive our souls into the shelter of Jesus’ gospel during that sorrow.” And in this short, readable book, that is exactly what she has done.

Here are a few quotes from the book that stuck out to me to give you a feel of it:

  • “Yes there will come a time for self-introspection and growth in holiness as a result of every miscarriage, but those who desire to comfort the grieving would do well to heed the admonition to simply grieve with those who grieve, and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15).” (29-20)
  • “Women who experience miscarriage rightly feel as though something horrific just happened to them and their child. They need not feel obligated to treat the event as something common that they should simply ‘get over’ and ‘move on’ from. It is common, but that does not lessen its horror! Miscarriage, like every other manifestation of the fall, is the opposite of what God intended for our world–it is not good it is very bad. Knowing this is essential to our finding encouragement in Christ.” (31)
  • “After a miscarriage, fear of loss threatens to eclipse the joy of each new pregnancy you are blessed with.” (61)
  • “In his infinite wisdom, when God wanted to comfort and bless Job, he didn’t give him a reason for his suffering. He gave Job something far better–a reason to trust God in and through that suffering. In a stunning display of his grace, God chose to remind Job of his holy and trustworthy character.” (68)
  • “The blessing of children is profound, but the blessing of fellowship with our heavenly Father far outweighs any earthly delight we could experience in this life.” (75)

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Cyber Monday Deals


A few deals for Cyber Monday, that are at least loosely family related, which you might wanna check out today before these offers expire:

New Growth Press: You can get 52% off most items in their online store by entering the code CYBER

Moody Publishers: 50% off their store online, and 75% off Gary Chapman books

Shepherd Press: 50% off on some good stuff

Sovereign Grace Music: Get any of their CDs (in digital format) for $5!

Tabletalk Magazine: a good devotional magazine that you can get for just $12 for the next twelve months

Reach Records: for the rap/hip hop lovers in your family, you can get 25% off everything from this record label (of which Lecrae is their most prominent performer)


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REtreat Recap 2014


A few weekends ago, a few dozen teenagers and adults joined together at Camp Crosley for our youth group’s annual Fall REtreat, and it was a great weekend! Our theme for the weekend was “Together,” trying to emphasize through our teaching and through our activities the importance of being involved and invested in each other’s lives.

We taught on John 17 (the call to unity), Philippians 2 (the call to humility), and 1 Corinthians 12 (the call to work together). Those teachings can be listened to by following these links:

In addition to the more formal teachings, we tried our hand at several team-building exercises throughout the day Saturday that were intended to challenge the students and help them learn to work at tasks together.

Of course there were many other goings-on (GaGa, 9 Square, Capture the Flag, stitches needed, candy consumed, etc.). But our deepest hope was to help the students learn to value life together as God’s people. And I think God was faithful in helping us take steps in that direction!

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Rooms, They Are a-Changin!

To all of you CCC parents, we wanted to give you a heads up about this upcoming Sunday morning and some important things to note about which class (and classroom) your child will be in.

New School Year for Sunday Morning Classes:

This upcoming Sunday, September 7, will be the first official Sunday of the school year for our Sunday morning children’s classes. That means:

  • It will be Move-Up Sunday, where children (if they haven’t yet) can now start attending the class that reflects their current age or grade level.
  • It will be the start of a new unit of study. As we continue to use the Treasuring Christ curriculum, we are now entering the year in which all of our classes (from 2 year olds to high schoolers) will be studying the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). It should be a great time of learning and growing together!

Move-Up Policy Modification: In years past, as the school year has progressed, we have allowed young children who had recently turned two or three to move up into their new class at the start of a new quarter. This year, we are expanding that ability to move up mid-year to those who turn four or five as well. Quarterly move-up dates will be September 7, December 7, March 1, and June 7.

Room Shifts: In anticipation of a large number of children being born into families of our church this year, we are going to be creating overflow infant nursery space in the room that has historically been used for toddlers. This will mean that the toddlers will be in the room formerly occupied by two year olds, and so on and so forth. Please see the map below for the new room assignments beginning September 7. We want to make this shift now, in anticipation of the influx of babies, to avoid an unsettling and confusing shift of rooms mid-year for children once the need for that additional space really does arise.

So, we wanted you to be aware of this as you arrive on Sunday. That way, if you have a child who may be nervous about being in a new space, that you can prepare them in advance.

Fall CM Handout single

If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Marc at

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