A La Carte (2.11.16)


Your Thursday reading, all in one place…

Don’t Play Travel Ball: Stay in the Rec League: “It’s better to honor God than to win, and it’s better for your kid to enjoy the game than for him to play at the highest possible level.”

Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Safety?: “The tough pill for parents to swallow remains that, just as God’s love for our kids comes with no strings attached, his lordship over their lives comes without conditions too.”

This is Your Child’s Brain on Reading: “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents start reading out loud to their children from the time they are born.”

Don’t Watch That Movie, Kids!: “When I speak to kids about holy living, I find they usually have a hard time understanding what it looks like to battle sin by practicing faith—that is, to fight alongside the Spirit and trust him for help. It isn’t enough for me to tell kids to practice faith; for them to understand I have to show them and do it with them. This means praying with them…”

Raising Courageous Kids: “…Jesus is our model and embodiment of true self-sacrificial courage. His meekness was not weakness, his humility was not moral feebleness, and his courage was costly…”

We Will Never Let Our Daughters Die For Us: “…Cultural moments like this one remind us of how important it is to raise children with a biblical worldview…”

How to Provoke Your Children to Anger: “…I’ve done many of these, and for this reason I’m grateful for the blood of Jesus and the power of the Spirit to change…”

Shaping Your Child’s Discipline with Doctrine: “…Be consistent. Be truthful. Be honest with your own mistakes too. Let your children see that not only do you want them to live according to a more perfect Word than your own, but that you are willing to surrender to God. Discipline children with the goal of bringing them to Jesus, the only one who can truly change hearts.”

My Classroom is Not a Hallmark Store: “…I plan to get kids excited about Jesus, not construction paper hearts. Expressions of love are good, but I suspect the cute expressions of Valentine’s Day, no matter how adorable, might draw our attention away from the ultimate expression of love found only in Christ…”

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