A La Carte (5.19.16)


A variety of topics from around the web this week!

The Family Idols: “I sometimes fear that marriages in the church–where the parents are always together in the home with their children–but who are relatively involved in the life of the church on a day-in or day-out basis–may be more driven by an idol of family than by a deep commitment to the Lord.”

The Tender Heart of a Woman: “Women, don’t let Satan use some ten or twenty year old words to devour you. And, husbands, handle your wives with care. They are much more vulnerable than you probably know.”

Talking to My Boys After the Transgender Talk at Their Public School: this could be very helpful for families navigating this issue with their kids

7 Ways Parents Unfairly Provoke Our Children: “There are times when we so provoke our children that anger is the fitting and inevitable response.”

Parenting in Paradox: I’ve often thought of parenting in terms of “patient urgency.” This article helps flesh out that paradox.

Isn’t She Beautiful? The Role of Physical Attraction in Dating: “It’s easy to notice physical features…but discipline yourself to notice and appreciate true beauty, which is not flaunted, but buried in a woman’s heart and expressed in things like patience, kindness, and selflessness.”


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