A La Carte (2.5.15)


New articles are up for this week!

When the Obsession with Self-Esteem Creates Unlikeable (and Spiritually Deficient) Kids: “Let other people brag on you when it’s merited, but, don’t ever be the one who is bringing up your own good qualities or accomplishments.”

Will You Go Out With Me? Rules for Biblical Dating: “Always return your date home ‘more holy’ than she was when you picked her up. ”

How Childbearing Points to Calvary: “My pain was not purposeless; it was an echo of the pain that brought eternal life. My blood was not in vain; it was a passing reminder of the blood that continually covers me. What happened in that delivery room was just a glimpse of what happened when we were born again at Calvary.”

Lead On: Thoughts On Women, Leadership, and Motherhood: “Because I am a mother, I am also a leader.”

Stories: Bryan & Robyn Adams: “Those things are better than healthy twin boys.”


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